Course Title : Toursim Management 
Course Duration  : 24 Months (2 years)
Course Description  This course is intended to focus on acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes of an individual to become a competent Tour Operation Supervisor in accordance with industry standards. The course is designed with its content that reflects the role and competencies requirement of individuals as Tour Operation Supervisor who applies competencies for Tour Operation across a wide range of Tourism Industries.
The course also focuses on integration of wide range of competencies enabling individual to perform at different level of situations. At this level of qualification, one will be able to work independently, take initiative and provide judgment in planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring performance of self and others at the workplace. They use communication skills to support individuals and teams to meet organizational or enterprise requirements.
To attain the qualification of Tour Operation Supervisor, all learning outcomes and modules prescribed for this qualification must be achieved.

Upon completion of Hospitality Management National Diploma Course, the trainee will be able to:

1. Manage Human Resources 

2. Carry out finance and accounts 

3. Carry out sales and marketing 

4. Carry out development & promotion of tourism products & services. 

5. Suprvise health, safety and security procedures 

6. Carry out supervision of tourism services 


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