Selected Candidates for 2021 Intake for Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management

The Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality is pleased to announce the selected candidates for 2021 intake for Tourism and Hospitality Management diploma programs.

Click the following links to check:

selected candidates for scholarship (boys).pdf

selected candidates for scholarship (girls).pdf

selected candidates for self-funding.pdf

 The selected candidates are requested to report to the institute with parents/guardian for contract signing along with original documents, two passport sized photos, two legal stamps, a copy of parent’s/ guardian’s citizenship identity card and Nu. 2000(security deposit) on 12th July, 2021 as follows:

Girls           -   9: 30 am

Self-funding -   11:30 am

Boys           -   2: 00 pm

Candidates wishing to withdraw should inform the Institute before 8th July, 2021.